Terms & Conditions:



To confirm your booking we require a $50 deposit. Account details will be provided once availability is confirmed.

Please include your name if you are electronically transferring into account or ask for a receipt number if depositing at the bank. Please make contact with us when you have made the deposit.

Your party date and time will not be locked in until deposit is paid.

Once deposit is paid you will receive a confirmation of booking.


Should you have to cancel your party booking, the deposit is non-refundable.

However, we will be able to switch your party date to another available day & time if unforeseen circumstances arise.


Our parties are suited to both indoors and out. We are able to come to your house, work, school, other venue or your local park. Please ensure you have a back up plan if weather doesn’t permit your outdoor event to proceed. We do have a shade marquee which we use outdoors only for shade, and only on non-windy days.

 Performance Requirements:

We require the use of power for the microphone, guitar, bubble machine & kids disco music. If your party is at a local park, we have battery operated options for music & bubbles, but not for powered microphone and guitar. These will have to be unplugged. Most public parks have access to power, however, permits must be applied for at least 21 days in advance.  

 Set Up Time:

Set up time is roughly 30-40mins. We need to be able to set up at least 30mins before your event commences. As we can do up to 2 parties/performances a day, we need to make sure that we start and finish on time.

 Travel Surcharge:

Our service is Torquay, Vic based. A travel surcharge in the sum of $X shall be paid on the day of the performance in addition to the Function charge if the Performer is required to travel for longer than 30 minutes from Torquay to the Function.

 Party Packages:

 You will have all activities and your party host confirmed via email in a booking confirmation. Pictures next to packages are from parties we have done. Costumes and party hosts may differ from images shown, depending on availability.