Lolly Bags- Love them or loathe them?

If there is one thing I can strongly suggest you don't leave off your party list, it's the lolly bag!

Our kids attend so many parties these days, that the lolly bag distributed at the end of the party, is pretty much standard procedure & has come to symbolize, it's time to go home!

Recently I did a party styling workshop, and it was all about the lolly bag and cake table decorations. You can make Lolly bags be part of your cake table decorations. Beautiful bright colours or patterns to match your party theme, although, Lolly bags and their contents, don't have to be elaborate. For example, for a Spiderman party, you can buy the standard Spiderman lolly bags from Spotlight and put a mixture of different lollies in the bag. Done!

I have also used the Yummy Mummy lolly shop for my lolly bags in the past. Already made up, they were only $1 each and they came complete with clear bag and ribbon. Too easy! 

If you have time and are like me who loves to create, try a custom made lolly bag. They do look special and I am all for spending time planning and sourcing things from local shops and the net. I guess that's part of the reason that I do what I do. Enjoy bringing your child's vision to life and perhaps involve them in the process. Do it together as an afternoon art & craft session.

If you want to give a healthier goodie bag to the children to take home, maybe just pop in some dried fruit with some stationary such as stickers, erasers, pencils. It's up to you.

If the kids are all full and it looks like the cake may go to waste, try wrapping up some cake and put that in the lolly/goodie bag to go home with the child.